HVAC Maintenance Plans for Williamsport, Frederick, MD & Surrounding Areas

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Routine HVAC maintenance is important for every home. Care Services Inc offers affordable, comprehensive tune-ups that will help you keep your furnace and air conditioner in peak condition throughout the year so your home is always as comfortable and efficient as possible.

Care Services Inc’s HVAC Maintenance Services

Care Services Inc offers comprehensive HVAC maintenance services for our clients that includes twice-yearly tune-ups so you get a dedicated service call for your furnace as well as your air conditioner. You can schedule these visits one at a time or sign up for one of our money-saving maintenance plans that includes both of your maintenance appointments in one convenient package. Our HVAC maintenance visits include:

  • A complete cleaning of all interior components
  • A thorough inspection for pending problems
  • Lubrication for moving parts
  • Tightening of all electrical connections
  • Thermostat testing and calibration as needed
  • A new filter and filter installation

Why You Should Schedule Regular HVAC Maintenance

It’s important to schedule routine maintenance for your furnace and air conditioner to keep these systems in the best condition possible. If you wait until your system is malfunctioning to give us a call, you’ll probably find that you’re facing a much bigger and more expensive repair. Regular HVAC maintenance is one of the best things you can provide for your home. This is an upfront investment that pays you back over time in several ways. When you schedule maintenance ahead of time, you’ll enjoy benefits like:

  • Lower utility bills as your system operates more efficiently
  • A longer lifespan from your furnace and air conditioner, so you can go longer between costly replacements
  • Fewer repairs throughout the system’s lifespan due to the helpful preventative care

When to Book HVAC Maintenance

You should schedule heating and cooling maintenance once a year. For your air conditioner, try to schedule maintenance in early spring, before you need to rely on cooling heavily. This helps prepare the system for the summer heat to come. Schedule furnace maintenance in autumn before you need to heat your home. This gives us a chance to clean off the components before you turn on the furnace and suffer that burning smell with the first few rounds of operation.

Scheduling maintenance early makes it easier to get a convenient appointment time, but you can book a tune-up at any time. Our full suite of HVAC maintenance services are available in Hagerstown, Williamsport, Frederick, MD and Martinsburg, WV. If you haven’t seen one of our comfort specialists for maintenance in the last year, give us a call now.

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