Reducing HVAC Strain in Williamsport, MD

4 Tips for Reducing HVAC Strain in Williamsport, MD

January 16, 2024

An overworking HVAC system consumes more energy and breaks down often. Fortunately, there are ways you can reduce the amount of strain that your HVAC system faces in your Williamsport, MD home.

1. Change Your Air Filter Regularly

All air your heat pump draws must pass through an air filter. The filter removes pollutants from the air, allowing your family to breathe clean air.

If you fail to replace the filter often, the contaminants accumulate and clog the filter. Consequently, your system overstrains trying to draw enough air through the blocked filter. Consider getting a new air filter for your system every 30 to 60 days.

2. Schedule Seasonal Maintenance Services

Unfortunately, some homeowners request a technician to work on their heat pump only when it breaks down. However, heat pumps require regular tune-ups to keep working efficiently.

The components become dirty and worn out with time. Reduced lubrication, dirty components, and worn-out parts make your system work harder than usual. Our Maintenance services include lubricating all your system’s moving parts, cleaning all interior components, and tightening all electrical connections. Seasonal tune-ups help to ensure your system will work effectively and efficiently.

3. Keep the Condenser Clear

During winter, the outdoor part of your heat pump absorbs heat from the surrounding air or ground. If there is a lot of debris around this component, the unit will struggle to absorb enough heat. Consider uprooting any vegetation around the unit, trimming bushes and trees, and keeping debris away from it.

4. Address Issues Immediately

Issues like refrigerant leaks and leaky ducts make your heat pump work harder than usual. Fortunately, your heat pump will likely display some signs when its components malfunction. Instead of continuing to hope the underlying problem will disappear, request a technician to inspect your system immediately if you detect all is not well.

Preventing your heat pump from straining increases its lifespan and can reduce your energy bills. You can always call Care Services Inc for quality heat pump services whenever your heat pump malfunctions.

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