furnace combustion chamber in Williamsport, MD

Signs of a Problematic Furnace Combustion Chamber

October 4, 2022

Crisp autumn air has made its way into Williamsport, MD, and frigid winter temperatures will soon follow. If your furnace hasn’t cycled yet, it probably will during one of the upcoming cold nights. The furnace combustion chamber is where the burners ignite and burn gas, and a problematic combustion chamber presents a serious risk to safety and well-being. Let’s take a look at the signs of furnace combustion chamber issues and what you should do if you notice any of them.

Soot Buildup

A properly functioning combustion chamber should have minimal debris. Using a flashlight, look into the chamber after the furnace finishes a heating cycle. If you see a layer of soot or ash, this suggests that the furnace isn’t burning the gas properly. Improper combustion may cause toxic gases to seep into your home. It may also cause damage to the burner, heat exchanger, door seal, and other critical components of the furnace.


After a heating cycle concludes, use a flashlight and peer into the combustion chamber. If you see rust or corrosion on the metal walls or heat exchanger, this requires prompt attention from HVAC repair professionals. Rust and corrosion weaken the metal and could quickly lead to a crack or heat exchanger failure.

Activation of Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Inside the furnace combustion chamber, air mixes with the waste products of burning gas. This creates poisonous carbon monoxide. A crack, broken seal, or any other damage in the combustion chamber could allow this toxic gas to infiltrate your living space. A carbon monoxide alarm is the only way to find out that this colorless, odorless gas is at a dangerous level in your home. Every home needs a carbon monoxide alarm, notes the Department of Energy.

For more information about the signs of a malfunctioning furnace combustion chamber, take a look at Care Services Inc’s furnace repair services, or contact our HVAC repair professionals for additional details.

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