AC smells in Falling Waters, WV

Why Does Your AC Make Your House Smell Musty in Falling Waters, WV?

May 25, 2023

When it’s hot outside your Falling Waters, WV home, then you probably enjoy coming inside and relaxing in your air conditioning. However, if you smell musty air, then something is wrong. Musty-smelling air coming out of your vents can happen for several different reasons.

Wrong System Size

Not all homes are the same size, and neither are AC systems. The two need to match if the air conditioning is going to keep the appropriate humidity level in a home. An oversized system cycles too fast and leaves moisture in the air, and an undersized system cycles far too often and fails more quickly.

Dirty Evaporator Coils

The AC fan blows warm room air over the evaporator coils, allowing its cold refrigerant to absorb the heat from the air, thereby conditioning it. The coils are in a dark, humid place, and when dust and dirt accumulate on the coils, they can become a breeding ground for musty-smelling pathogens.

Condensate Line Blockage

One issue that might impact your home’s indoor air quality could be the condensate line. This component’s normal function should be draining water from the system to outside the home. However, it can be an ideal location for clogs and bacterial contamination.

Full Drain Pan

Your AC system likely has a drain pan where it collects the water droplets it pulls out of the air. Unfortunately, the drain pan can wear down over time. As it loses effectiveness, it might become home to bacterial growth that creates musty smells and odors.

Too Much Moisture

Excessive moisture can lead to contamination in your vents and air ducts, and that can create a musty smell or even lead to respiratory challenges. Drainage leaks can cause this, and high levels of humidity might also contribute to unwanted circumstances.

Musty odors coming out of your home’s vents indicate a problem. We’re a family-owned business that’s been helping local customers since 2005. Contact us at Care Services Inc for AC repairs if your home’s AC smells musty.

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