Bad Furnace Blower Motor in Williamsport, MD

3 Signs of a Bad Furnace Blower Motor in Williamsport, MD

February 11, 2024

The blower motor is responsible for controlling the airflow through your furnace. Since it’s one of the most important furnace components, there can be serious consequences if it breaks down. Here are three signs that your furnace’s blower motor has malfunctioned in your Williamsport, MD home.

1. Poor or Nonexistent Heating

If your furnace can’t seem to warm up your home, a busted blower motor may be the ultimate source of the problem. In other words, it may be that combustion and air treatment are proceeding just as they need to, but the furnace cannot actually distribute the warm air through your home. Dirty air filters and closed vents can also contribute to poor heating, so be sure to check those first.

2. Your Furnace Shuts Down

If your unit is able to produce warm air but can’t push it through your home, that air will remain inside the furnace. As it produces more warm air, the unit will begin to overheat, eventually triggering safety mechanisms to shut it down.

This could manifest in a few different ways. Your furnace may not turn on at all, and you may need to ask professionals to fix it or set you up with an entirely new furnace if the overheating is severe. Alternatively, your furnace may begin short cycling.

3. Inflated Energy Bills

If your furnace can’t push warm air through your home because of a bad blower motor, your thermostat won’t register any temperature changes. This may lead your thermostat to force your furnace to operate constantly, thus causing higher heating bills and more wear and tear on your furnace.

A malfunctioning furnace blower motor should receive professional attention as soon as you notice any signs of it. For your convenience, we offer 24/7 emergency heating repair services and timely appointments for other services. Call Care Services, Inc. and schedule furnace repair services today in Williamsport, MD.

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