New Furnace in Williamsport, MD

Is It Time to Install a New Furnace in Williamsport, MD?

October 24, 2023

After many great years of reliable heating, there will come a day when your furnace can’t keep up with your family anymore. Rather than wait until the system inevitably breaks down, you can instead schedule a replacement to protect your comfort. These are a few warning signs that indicate it may be time to install a new heating system in Williamsport, MD.

Higher Operating Costs

An older furnace will likely increase both your service costs and your utility bills. Outdated systems can struggle with faulty, cracked, or rusted parts that regularly fail and impact the furnace’s efficiency. The more energy your system consumes, the higher your bills will be every month, so if you see a spike in your bills, consult an expert to see if your furnace is the culprit.

Your System’s Age

The average furnace can last about 15 to 20 years but will often begin losing efficiency after around a decade. To determine the age of your system, you can check your owner’s manual or the tag on the external unit. Scheduling professional maintenance annually will maximize your system’s lifespan, but you’ll still eventually have to consider a replacement.

Poor Indoor Air Quality

A failing system can worsen your air quality, particularly if your system has an issue with incomplete combustion or improper ventilation. You may spot black soot around the furnace or coming from your vents. Your furnace may also lower the humidity level in your home, which can eventually damage your floors and even harm your household’s health.

Excessive Noises and Smells

Another sign you have a compromised furnace is loud functioning sounds like buzzing, screeching, grinding, or rattling. The system may emit rotten egg odors, mustiness, or burning smells. These symptoms could point to a serious issue with the heat exchanger or gas supply that needs immediate professional care.

Investing in a new furnace this fall will save you money on future energy bills and give you access to a valuable renewed warranty. Contact Care Services Inc to learn more about our heating installation services in Williamsport, MD.

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