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Why Furnace Size Matters in Falling Waters, WV

December 6, 2021

Why does the size of a furnace matter? This question often comes up when homeowners are in the process of buying a new furnace for their homes in Falling Waters, WV. Here we’ll cover some of the reasons why furnace size matters.

1. To Avoid Overworking the Furnace

When a furnace is too small for a large house, it risks overheating. The undersized furnace will run continuously and harder than necessary to keep up with the heating load.

This extra work causes wear and tear on the furnace components and results in expensive repairs. As a consequence, it may be more likely to fail and force you to replace it. It’ll also consume more energy and inflate your utility bills.

2. To Keep the Home Comfortable

Having the right-sized furnace will ensure that you have a comfortable home throughout the seasons. With an oversized or an undersized unit, you’ll have to adjust your thermostat now and then. Your rooms will either be too cold or too hot.

To avoid such inconveniences, consulting with an HVAC technician will help you get a furnace that is custom-sized for your house. A reputable dealer like Care Services Inc will help you find a furnace that works for your house. A professional technician will take your home’s measurements and provide a custom furnace.

3. To Avoid High Energy Bills

The right-sized furnace will consume less energy than an oversized or under-sized furnace. If a furnace has to work harder than necessary or it’s too large for the house, it’ll burn through your energy bills.

A professional technician will help find a good balance between heating your home adequately and lowering your bills. You won’t have to pay more than necessary.

4. Avoid Incessant Stopping and Starting

An oversized furnace will stop more often than necessary. While an undersized furnace runs continuously, large furnaces will shut themselves down frequently. It reaches the desired temperature close to the thermostat quickly and shuts off, leaving rooms further away still chilly.

When buying a new furnace, it’s important that an HVAC technician correctly sizes the system to make sure the system heats your home efficiently and effectively. For more information on heating services, contact Care Services Inc.

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